Work From Home Ergonomics: The Essentials & How To Set Up your Home Office for Best Results

If there really are limited options for achieving the ideal work position, Oakman says you should do your best to change positions and move between sitting and standing frequently. Careful planning, for instance, getting up earlier to get through tasks before the rest of the household stirs, can reduce the likelihood of injury and improve productivity Oakman suggests. “Back pain is caused by work-related stress as well as work-related physical factors,” she explains.

  • Hedge also had some tips for using inexpensive items—like a rolled-up towel for lumbar support and a laptop riser—to make any home office more ergonomically friendly.
  • This decreases the risk that you might develop leg, foot, or, you guessed it, back pain.
  • However, a flat keyboard will make it easy to type with a straight wrist, thereby reducing your pains.
  • Setting up an ergonomically correct workspace at home will take a little bit of doing on your part.
  • If the feet do not comfortably rest on the floor, use a footrest.
  • To keep your neck, shoulders, and back free from injury, your head should be vertical to your neck.
  • A negative tilt keyboard tilts away from you (meaning the bottom row of the keyboard is raised) and also helps promote better wrist placement.

The Steelcase Gesture is undoubtedly pricey, but we think it’s a worthwhile splurge for those serious about upgrading their WFH setup. Adjustability-wise, it offers a full range of ergonomic adjustments including height, seat depth, recline and a 360-degree armrest positioning, which our deputy editor finds especially useful. Heavyweight folks should also appreciate this chair’s 400-pound weight capacity and ultra-sturdy construction. This is a big grey area as a lot of organizations need staff to work from home as it’s A LOT cheaper than leasing office space. Some are not prepared to make the investment in equipment (other than a laptop) for staff.

steps to a more ergonomic work-from-home setup

Employers should ensure that remote workers have access to the necessary equipment and tools needed to maintain an ergonomic workspace. This may include providing adjustable chairs, ergonomic keyboards, and computer monitors to support proper posture and reduce strain on the body. To assess the occupational and ergonomic risk of a logger, a team of five volunteer experts was formed with higher education in occupational safety and health. Experts have at least six years of experience working at forestry enterprises in the field of occupational safety.

This means is if the person ends up using the chair every day for months and even a year they will likely either wear out the chair or the chair would likely cause them discomfort. Sometimes a laptop screen or a regular standing monitor can’t be positioned how you want it. Monitor arms allow you to adjust for proper viewing distance and heights relative to your keyboard and other working devices. If you don’t have a fancy office chair that rocks back, try putting a cushion, pillow, or towel behind your lower back. You can buy inexpensive chair cushions that are designed for lumbar support.

Don’t make your bed your office

When you use a laptop, you should use the same ergonomic setup for the screen. This means propping your laptop up on something to bring the top of the screen to eye level. Of course, this makes it harder to type, which is why you should use an external keyboard and mouse when you must use a laptop for extended periods. It is recommended to use the scale of probability (frequency) of the dangerous event occurrence and the scale of severity of the consequences from the dangerous event occurrence, given in the Tables 2 and 3, respectively. The issues of constructing a scale of probability (frequency) of the dangerous event occurrence and a scale of severity of the consequences are presented in detail (27). For those who need extra cushioning, we recommend the Soho II Soft-Pad Management Chair from Laura Davidson Furniture due to its plush, cushy feel.

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